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Robert Lewandowski is launching a Football game. No, we haven't got that wrong, you are reading it correctly. Football Coach: The Game is coming soon and will be available on steam. Here's the full press release detailing you everything you need to know about it. Read on below.

Football Coach: The Game Release Date

RL9sport Games presents the first milestone from the upcoming blockbuster sports game Football Coach: the Game, which is being created in a direct partnership with Robert Lewandowski. A few month after the company was founded we are presenting the effects of our team’s efforts. You can watch an official trailer of Football Coach: the Game right now.

Robert Lewandowski: “I am a part of this generation that spent most of the time outside, playing with the ball, but also got into video games. One day, when I was playing with my friends, I had this idea: what if I made my own game and showed what my work looks like from the backstage?” In Football Coach: the Game, like in actual football, “game technique” will be as important as thinking about strategy.

2020 best footballer in the world is an active participant in the creative process behind the game. What, then, have RL9sport Games and „Lewy” prepared?

Following the idea of Polish national team and Bayern’s striker, the player can choose from between various coach classes, like in an RPG game. Each class has its own personality that influences the gameplay in many ways.

Robert Lewandowski: “I’ve met many coaches and I know how different their personalities can be, and what’s their impact not just on the locker room, but also on the club as a whole.”

The game can develop Robert’s RPG idea on other levels, too. For instance, you can gain the iconic experience points. Level up an ability tree. Or, finally, collect various artifacts.

It must be stated that Football Coach does not intend to compete with the cult classic Football Manager. Robert Lewandowski’s game will be a part of the developing market of online football management games that focus heavily on the multiplayer experience. The player, along with a traditional league structure, can challenge an opponent from across the globe to a ranking game at any time of day. Clan games will be very important, too.

Robert Lewandowski: “Football connects the whole world. That’s why I want Football Coach: the Game to be based on a worldwide competition, player versus player, not player versus computer.”

Another significant difference will be arcade elements. The player can take control over footballers in a few, key moments of the match. The game will also develop the issue of relationships with the fans, and the private life of the manager.


RL9sport Games realizes that this is a daring take on football management games formula, but Robert himself is the inspiration. Rafał Cymerman:“I remember the text written by Robert Lewandowski for ‘The Players Tribune’ after receiving the 2020 award for the best player in the world. He wrote, among other things: ‘I remembered what my parents had told me: ‘Trust your instincts.’ Deep down, I always knew where I wanted to go’. We feel this is the direction we want to explore and that the players will like it.”

Moreover, RL9sport Games invites the players to suggest their own ideas. Cymerman again: “We’re listening to players’ voices. Some options, such as developing the private life aspect of the manager, comes from them. We are open to other suggestions. We want to start forming the community around Football Coach: the Game now."

The game is heavily supported by the shareholder of RL9sport Games, the group PlayWay, which is responsible for international hits such as “House Flipper” or “Car Mechanic Simulator”. Football Coach: the Game is another bid to make a great game with a global reach.

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