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The Football Manager 2023 PS5 release date has been announced. Yes, that's right. The epic football management sim is coming to the PS5 in November 2023. It's also going to make it's debut on the Apple Arcade. Fans rejoice! Who are you going to take from League 2 to Champions League glory?

When Is The Football Manager 2023 Release Date

Football Manager 2023 will launch on November 8, 2022. If you can't wait that long there is some good news. An Early Access version of the game will be available on October 25th 2022. Early access is only via SEGA-approved digital retailers.

Buy Football Manager 2023

Football Manager 2023 is available to pre-order on Amazon right now, hit the link* to check it out. As with all new, soughtafter games it's reccomended to buy from a reputable retailer so that the customer service is spot on. You should avoid all grey market stores if you can help it, to ensure you get the right service. You can also buy it from Steam and all other good retailers.

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Football Manager 2023



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Football Manager 2023 Touch



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It'll set you back around £59 / $49. The price is set to change this year as there are some vast improvements over the predecessor, so don't wince at the cost until you've seen the feature list and teams available. It's a huge download file size if you get all of them. So prior to the games release, clean up those hard drives and get your PC ready for the biggest FM game ever released.

Football Manager PS5 Release Date

The latest release in Sports Interactive and SEGA’s iconic series, Football Manage 2023, debuts on November 8th across an unprecedented breadth of platforms and devices, including PlayStation 5 and Apple Arcade for the first time. For the first time in the history of the series, the depth and drama of the world’s leading football management simulation series arrives on PS5. Tailored to the Dualsense controller, FM23 Console will release alongside the PC/Mac title.

After a year’s absence, our popular Touch series returns to Apple devices through the Apple Arcade platform. Whether they’re using an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV, Apple Arcade subscribers will be primed to make their mark on and off the pitch in FM23 Touch.

Miles Jacobson, Sports Interactive’s Studio Director, said: “FM23 marks another significant step forward for the Football Manager series as we debut on two new platforms. Fans have been calling for us to produce a PlayStation title for a number of years, so I’m excited for those players to now get the chance to experience the closest thing to being a real football manager.

"Our decision to not release a Touch game on iOS or Android in 2021 was a difficult one to take and a disappointing one for some of our fans. This exciting partnership with Apple Arcade allows us to reintroduce a popular title in a way that makes sense for us as a studio and for the wider FM community."

FM23 thrusts fans closer to every aspect of the beautiful game, from the supporters filling the stands to scouts, players, opposition managers and newly-licensed competitions like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League. We’ll be unveiling new game features in the coming weeks across the Football Manager social media channels, the Football Manager website and FMFC, our Football Manager members’ hub.

From today until launch, fans who pre-purchase FM23 (for PC and Mac), from a SEGA-approved digital retailer* will receive a 20% discount and the chance to kick-off their managerial career ahead of schedule with Early Access to FM23. Pre-purchasing via the Microsoft Store will be available soon.

Early Access will be available via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Microsoft Store roughly two weeks** prior to the official street date, and single player careers started in that period can be carried across to the final game.

Fans purchasing physical copies of FM23 will notice that this year’s edition does not include a disc. Instead, every pack contains a unique code that, once redeemed, enables play via Steam, Epic Games or the Microsoft Store.

Removing the disc and notebook from this year’s edition, in addition to further refinements to our eco-packaging, means that the overall carbon footprint for FM23’s packaging is 47% lower than FM22’s. All in all, the overall gCO2 equivalent of the Football Manager packaging has fallen from 256 for Football Manager 2019 to just 66 for FM23.

Formerly titled the Xbox edition, FM23 Console joins FM23 in being available on the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass™ from Day One. Xbox Game Pass for Console members will become the best by focusing on football’s most important areas transfers, tactics and matchdays – from the comfort of their sofa, while Xbox Game Pass for PC members will have access to FM23’s unparalleled depth and realism. Both titles will, as was the case last year, be available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

Football Manager 2023 Mobile (on iOS and Android) is preparing for another successful campaign, with feature information due to be unveiled in October ahead of its release on November 8th.

In addition to Apple Arcade, Football Manager 2023 Touch will also be available on Nintendo Switch.

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